For technical details on the Apple Music API please see the reference documentation at
Is it possible to listen to a full track in an app?

Yes, playback can be started from within an app, with playback support for multiple songs in a queue.

How does starting playback in an app work for a non-member?

Browsing the Apple Music catalog is available to all users, however, playback is only supported for Apple Music members. Developers have access to know if the current user is an Apple Music member – knowing the membership status can influence what the developer chooses to display, e.g. 30 second samples

What happens when a user leaves Apple Music and renews?

The user is welcomed back, though that user does not qualify for the 3-month free trial and goes straight into their first month paid membership.

Is the music library specific to Apple Music? Does it ingest any sound clip?

The API allows playback of any content on Apple Music. There are existing abilities in iOS that allow for playback of non-Apple Music content in a user’s music library.

Does the Apple Music API support Apple Watch?

No, there is no support at this time. However, unrelated to the app, the Apple Watch can stop/skip/play music.

Can users add songs to an existing playlist?

Yes. The API allows developers to add songs to existing playlists on the user’s device.

Can a developer create brand new playlists on the user’s device with the Apple Music API?

Yes. The API allows develops to new create playlists on the user’s device.

What are the limitations of the current Apple Music API?

o   This is iOS only, no tvOS or desktop support.
o   There is no support currently for DJ style apps.
o   Apps cannot delete playlists.
o   The Apple Music API is not intended to replace licensed music, per Apple terms and conditions.

Can you use the Apple Music API to save for off-line playback?

No, the Apple Music API cannot be used for off-line playback.

What are some common integrations of the Apple Music API that are inappropriate and would be rejected by App Review?

o   Apps forcing an in-app purchase, advertising, requesting user information to monetize or gate access to Apple Music API will be rejected.
o   Apps that use the Apple Music API that trigger playback without explicit user interaction will be rejected.

Can an app developer offer in-app currency to incentivize sign ups? i.e. give away 10 free coins when user subscribes to Apple Music.

As long as the developer is not limiting or blocking access to Apple Music, it’s at the app developer’s discretion to incentivize sign ups.

What is the user experience when a developer refers a new Apple Music customer after discovering they are a non-subscriber through the Apple Music API?

If an app identifies a non-subscriber, the developer may send that user to the sign up flow in Apple Music, however, that user will need to return to the developer’s app to enable the Apple Music API.

How does the affiliate program work with the Apple Music API?

The Affiliate program commissions on new user subscriptions to Apple Music. The Apple Music API can identify non-subscribers allowing the developer to utilize the affiliate program for upsell to earn commission on qualifying memberships. The Affiliate program will report on the number of users who convert to a paying Apple Music Membership where the affiliate can earn 100% commission on the first month’s subscription cost. To learn more about the Apple Music Affiliate Program, please visit our resource site.

Can an affiliate partner earn commission on users that have previously had an Apple Music membership?

If the user leaves Apple Music, they are welcomed back to Apple Music at any time, however, the user is not eligible for the free trial. Once the user cancels their subscription to Apple Music, there is a 90-day waiting period before the affiliate can once again earn commission when the user re-subscribes.